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  Prosimian Species  
Awantibo The categories listed here represent the main groups of lemurs and other prosimians. Within these groups may be multiple species or subspecies.

Lemurs - native to Madagascar and the Comoro Islands

Avahi (Woolly Lemur)
Bamboo Lemur (Gentle Lemur)
Black Lemur
Brown Lemur
Crowned Lemur
Fork-Marked Lemur
Mongoose Lemur
Mouse Lemur & Dwarf Lemur
Red-bellied Lemur
Ring-tailed Lemur
Ruffed Lemur
Sportive Lemur

Other Prosimians

  - Awantibo - native to Africa
  - Galago (Bushbaby) - native to Africa
  - Potto - native to Africa
  - Slender Loris - native to India
  - Slow Loris - native to Southeast Asia
Tarsier - native to Southeast Asia
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